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Tools of the trade
February 3, 2011, 6:22 pm
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So… with David’s recent facebook post saying that asos had free shipping, I promptly went off and bought myself a skirt for work and a coat with the intention of removing the ugly rivets on the front.

Having received it today, I knew that the coat was definitely not wearable until the ugly rivets were removed. The rivets in question:

So… Out came the tools…

hammer…. pliers….. safety glasses like a good little health and safety person that i am 🙂

Me trying to hammer out the rivets…

Me trying to ply out the rivets..

And still no luck…

Anyone got any ideas?


New beginnings
January 30, 2011, 5:46 pm
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Mr. Outback moved back to Perth yesterday… 5 years of living in Kalgoorlie, and he’s now come back to  a bigger, busier, and arguably better Perth.

We’ve checked into our home for the next two months, unpacked a couple of suitcases of clothes, and am trying to settle back into domestic life.

It wasn’t too bad a transition the first time round , so fingers crossed the transition this time round is just as cruisy 😉

From mother of pearl to… pearl?
January 25, 2011, 6:54 pm
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Hi, my name is Kae, and I’m an addict.

Caffeine that is. For 2 years, I started work each morning at 5.30am without so much as a need to get a coffee or a cup of tea. Granted, coffee on site was instant nescafe stuff, and the lactose in the milk meant I inevitably ended up a little ill, but for two years I was able to start my day at the crack of dawn and finish twelve hours later at 5.30pm.

I moved back to Perth last year and commenced a corporate role. While I now afford myself a little more sleep, I still cannot seem to commence any resemblance of productivity without a shot of mocha from the local cafe. I have loyalty cards everywhere and they are consistently filled every week.

Unfortunately the coffee drinking has also resulted in stained teeth…. the term “mother of pearl” seems to capture the colour quite well.

So, I’ve hatched  a plan to turn my teeth into sparklers by the time “w” day comes round. My dentist tells me that for a couple of hundred dollars, I can have them whitened but it would only last 6 months. So rather than have to pay hundreds of a dollars twice in the next 9 months, I thought I’d give at home treatments a go and come closer to the date, have them professionally done depending on how the home treatments go.

So here’s where we’re starting off (yes, that is me… with freckles, cracked lips and all.. ). Progress pics to come.

I actually think they look whiter in the photo than in real life, but I couldn’t get the colour quite right in the images. It’ll do.

Invitation inspirations
January 23, 2011, 9:42 am
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Defeated by recent quotations for letterpressed invitations, I have been on the look out for some other ideas for our wedding invitations. They’re not due to go out for some time yet, but the planner and crafter in me has been amazed at some of the fabulous things that people are doing around the world.

Simple and clean from Maidavale:

Au natural from CutandPaste:

Beautifully calligraphed stationery from neithersnow:

Stitched accents from pilosale:

Nautical maps on fabric: (I am totally loving this.. so different!) from icecream social

5 behaviours that have annoyed me recently
January 17, 2011, 7:11 pm
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The last two weeks has seen me getting annoyed / confused / unsure of what to do due to certain etiquette and behaviours that have come my way.. cases in point:

  1. People who do not return phonecalls. Real estate agents – I’m looking at you!
  2. People who cancel rsvp’s 15 minutes before the event. There is a reason why RSVPs are in place – to ensure that the right numbers are catered for, and to ensure that businesses can schedule accordingly.
  3. People who invite themselves to certain celebrations. If you are invited, you will get an invite 😉
  4. People who assume they are invited. Same concept as above.
  5. People who do not get up for older/pregnant/people with lots of goodies on buses. I get so annoyed at people who sit in the priority seat and refuse to get up for the little old lady who is standing and struggling to hang on. Most of the time someone else will stand up, but I get so annoyed at the initial person

<vent over> 🙂

Queensland floods
January 13, 2011, 7:14 pm
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Last year, I lived and worked in the Queensland Central Highlands in a town called Emerald. It was a lovely town, and very nice by mining town standards. It was spread out enough for people to not feel cramped, but small enough for people to be friendly in that country town kinda way. Most of all, Emerald was void of the red dirt that I had already become so accustomed to when I was working up in the Kimberley’s or the Goldfields whilst in Western Australia.

One thing I do remember quite vividly about Emerald is that for the first four weeks that I was supposed to be “working” there, I didn’t actually do much work. Every day, there was an enormous amount of rain, roods were closed off, the mine site and the civil construction site were non operational, and there was a constant monitoring of the rivers around Emerald.

Three months in to my working life at Emerald and it hadn’t improved. There were mornings where I would drive to work (approximately 30 minutes drive from the town centre to the operation I worked at) and be stopped halfway by coppers or other vehicles going to the various minesites around the place because the rivers had swelled and made the roads unsafe to cross. There were also afternoons where I would be at work, and then forced to leave in a mad panic because of sudden heavy rainfalls, and the risk of being cut off from the town because of flooded roads.

I only stayed in Emerald for 5 months, but in that time, I saw how devastating the rain and floods were to the local cotton, sorghum and mining operations. And those were miniscule events compared to the current Queensland flood.

One can only imagine the effect and devastation that the current floods have caused to greater Queensland (not just the flood prone areas like Charleville and Roma etc). As with the Victorian bushfires, I have no doubt that Australia will pull together to support Queensland and help rebuild the many lives that have been hit hard. Here’s to the floodwaters receding, and a speedy recovery.

Flash mob wedding
January 8, 2011, 1:33 pm
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I originally watched this on and I too balled my eyes out!